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I have reasoned with people all my life.
I have had worthwhile conversations, learned to understand their point of view and respect everyone’s opinions.

But in my head, I have a million lingering questions, doubts about people, about myself.

The only valuable conversation I have ever had is with God…

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“You are REJECTED” can be one of the most despairing sentences you’ve heard.

These rejections make you question yourself and your abilities.

Even when you have a constant notion of never giving up and moving on, something as simple as a small remark kills your confidence and shatters your beliefs.

Half-way through a conversation with my best friend, I was taken aback by a statement he posed

He mentioned

We lack Empathy

This simple statement got me thinking.

I agreed to his point and thought about this for days to come,

Why do we lack empathy?

“I think we all…

Pooja Bernice

Dream. Believe. Do.

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