Takeaways From “The LEGO Story”

We all are very familiar with LEGO, a famous toy brand winning children’s hearts all over. But what is the story behind this product? How did the founders come up with the idea of designing a toy that could take up any shape? You could build objects ranging from a house to a rocket ship; Lego’s give you the power to dream and the power to construct the impossible.

The concept of Lego was the by-product of the trust and effort of a humble toymaker named Ole Kirk. He was an ordinary small scale business owner, but his ideas were way ahead of time. He would spend day and night designing, improvising, and producing toys to make his customers happy and give them something new and exciting every time.

But not all businesses sail smoothly; Ole faced a lot of setbacks along the way. His factory burned down to the ground, and he was in a miserable situation, but he never gave up on his vision; he built his factory up again from scratch and quickly started to run production to make up for his loss. He never gave up even when the situation was challenging; he always believed in his vision.

Never give up; always see the bigger picture.


Business picked up pace eventually, but Ole was still searching for something new. His mind did not rest until he found something that would change the way toys were made. Ole visited exhibitions and fairs to find new ideas and machines that would support his business and luckily stumbled upon a plastic molding machine. Without a thought, he brought it home. He never settled for less and always looked for more; this mentality always helped him stay ahead of his game.

Adapt and improvise


When Ole brought the molding machine from the fair, he also happened to pick a small toy brick from there. He was immediately blown away by the design of the brick; even though it looked ordinary to the rest of his team, he took a chance on this idea and started mass production of these plastic bricks.

Take A Chance


Very soon, Ole’s son Godtfred took over the company, and he was no less; he was obsessed with making the Lego Bricks a success. He built on his idea of introducing a “system” among toys. Children were offered ready-made solutions until then, but he wanted them to explore their creative side and build toys on their own. Eventually, this gave way to their “Lego System Of Play” game, which encouraged kids to develop and use their imagination to the maximum. Godtfred improved the toy’s design, and very soon, it became a major hit globally.

Build On Your Idea


Lego went on to become a renowned brand in every household, and the team did not stop at any cost; they kept coming up with new ways to keep their customers engaged, giving rise to the concept of Lego Land.

Currently, Lego is hitting the charts with increasing profits year by year. The group is still thriving based on its core values and unified vision — Delivering the best by encouraging children to explore, experience, and construct a world without limits. The Brand wouldn't have reached up to this extent without Ole’s and Godtfreds combined hard work, eye to detail, and their never-ending quest for groundbreaking ideas. Never stop chasing what you believe is going to be my biggest takeaway from this story.

I am wishing, you all chase dreams that make you happy and give your life a purpose :)

Dream. Believe. Do.